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Alfemo is a brand-new world, welcoming you with;
  • An international brand image,
  • An experienced production with high technology facilities
  • High quality standarts
  • Various types of business opportunities
  • Many advantages and supports for investment • Well prepared architectural concept for showrooms to be applied with a team of architects
  • Brand in brands like Kids&Teens, Seep Center, Memo Home Concept
  • Huge range of products
  • Rights to use Disney brand and products with Disney concept
  • Ready-to-use marketing plans, advertisement materials
  • Educations for sales, products and marketing
  • Ready-to-use domestic web page templates with update integration
  • Tablet sales application as a retail sales instrument for sales staff in concept showrooms
  • A well known company in worldwide tradeshows and opportunity to collaborate participations with partners
  • Prestigious quality awards
  • Simple business plan easy to apply