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Alfemo has developed integrated Tablet Sales Application for retail sales crew in concept stores. Application provides, a great veriety of advantages for sales person, in order to complete rhe sales process.

Mağaza İçi Dekorasyon

An application for tablet devices allows you virtually chose fabric combination for your sofas, corners, sofa sets and more...

Alfemo Akademi

Special sales, product and market educations for our international partners

Mix&Match Uygulaması

Alfemo, in a leading status in the sector as well as being thefirst and only in the furniture industry, offers you more than 100 pattern and fabric options with 30 different fabrics. In addition, it provides you with the products with-out any payment difference and delay in delivery. You can design your own furniture and enliven your own living spaces by this system.

Profesyonel Danışmanlık Hizmeti

With Alfemo Assist you can complete all your operations faster, easier and safer from everywhere with an device.

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